How to Have Profitable and Engaging Patient Conversations with Call Pops and Call Logs

How to Have Profitable and Engaging Patient Conversations with Call Pops and Call Logs

You’ve just finished a call with a patient, discussing their latest dental check-up or procedure, when you remember – you forgot to mention their recare appointment or the balance that they still owe. Missing these important details can be frustrating, as they represent missed revenue opportunities for your practice.

Luckily, there’s a way to avoid these all-too-common mistakes. Through ThriveCloud’s Call Insight feature integrated with Mango Voice, critical issues like recalls due, balances owed, and treatment plans are displayed instantly on your screen. This enables you to seize opportunities and identify the necessary information in a single call. Even vendors, labs, pharmacies, and new patients trigger the Call Insight feature. ThriveCloud also shows you every single call (even if missed or voicemail) at both the office and patient levels so you can respond quickly and ensure quality.  

Here are the top 5 reasons ThriveCloud’s call pop feature Call Insights will transform your patient conversations into insightful and financially rewarding opportunities.

Create More Loyal Patients

Think about the last time you had an amazing experience at a business. Didn’t it make you feel valued and more likely to return? The same principle applies to dental practices. Data reveals that dental practices with elevated patient satisfaction scores can anticipate retaining over 80% of these patients for future services.

Moreover, patients who remain loyal to a practice are more likely to recommend it to others, emphasizing the significant impact of patient relationship quality on word-of-mouth marketing for dental practices universally.

Imagine you’re on a call with a patient when you notice on the Patient Insight screen, they haven’t scheduled an appointment to fill a cavity they’ve recently been diagnosed with. They tell you they have been holding off on scheduling because they’re trying to save money for a family vacation and cannot justify spending a couple hundred dollars on treatment any time soon, even though it is bothering them.

Luckily, using the information shown on the Patient Insight screen, you also discover that their benefits cover the procedure in its entirety. You inform the patient, and they are overcome with relief and request to schedule their appointment immediately. With the click of a button, you put them on the schedule before you end the call with the appreciative patient.

Boost Payment Collection

Maintaining the recommended collection ratio of 98% or higher can be a challenge for many dental offices. The conversation of balances owed may not be at the top of a staff member’s mind when speaking with patients about other subjects on the phone. This may inadvertently lead to oversights in identifying and addressing unpaid patient balances in a timely manner.

Now imagine your staff having the ability to see patient account balances instantly during calls, creating more caring and proactive conversations with your patients about financial matters. Call Insight makes this a reality.  

Empowered with real-time information, they can easily prompt discussions on tailored payment plans, insurance coverage, or even special deals, creating a warm and supportive atmosphere for your patients while addressing their financial obligations.

Streamline Follow-ups

New patients are never guaranteed to come back for follow-ups, and this can be a huge loss in revenue for practices over time. The ADA reports that nearly all U.S. adults value oral health, but only 37% actually visit the dentist annually. Proactively managing patient recalls is crucial to maintaining patient relationships and driving consistent revenue for dental practices.

Call Insight offers a solution by instantly identifying patients due for recall appointments, making it much easier for staff to talk with patients about scheduling their next appointment while they have them on the phone. Also, with one click on the Call Insight screen, you can instantly schedule the recall. 

By proactively managing patient recall, dental practices can maintain an active patient base, leading to a significant increase in revenue and overall

Reduce Call Abandonment Rates  

Statistics show that about 60% of patients aren’t willing to hold for more than a minute. That means you only have ONE minute to gather the information you need to communicate effectively with the patient. Dropped calls from extended hold times can result in a poor patient experience, missed appointment scheduling opportunities, or the patient seeking services from a competitor providing more prompt and attentive service, potentially resulting in the loss of a new patient.

Call Insight can solve this issue by providing instant access to patient records and history as soon as the phone rings. This allows staff to personalize the conversation, understand the patient’s background, and address their needs quickly and more efficiently without needing to put them on hold. This not only saves time and reduces the risk of dropped calls but also enhances patient satisfaction by demonstrating that your practice cares about their time and needs.

Improve Training and Quality Assurance

Consider a dedicated team member in a dental office whose responsibility is guiding patients through appointment scheduling, treatment recommendations, and post-procedure concerns. Amid their never-ending tasks, this individual may unintentionally neglect to be consistently kind, informative, or respectful during each patient interaction. In situations like these, a well-trained staff makes all the difference.

Call Insight stores call recordings, allowing for the analysis of calls to pinpoint areas where team members may require further support or training. By prioritizing excellent communication, empathy, and patience, dental professionals create a more nurturing environment and ensure that every patient feels heard, valued, and informed, solidifying the office’s reputation for exceptional standards in patient care.


Effectively managing patient phone calls can significantly transform a dental practice’s revenue and patient experience. By utilizing ThriveCloud’s call pop feature Call Insight, dental practices can streamline their workflow, minimize missed opportunities, and enhance the overall patient experience. With the ability to access patient information instantaneously, provide personalized patient interactions, monitor staff training needs, increase conversion rates, and ensure consistent patient communication, dental practices are poised to benefit significantly from this innovative solution.

Ready to increase efficiency, reduce missed opportunities, and improve patient experiences? Click here for a FREE ThriveCloud demo and ask about how Call Insight can benefit your dental practice.

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