Email marketing.

screenshots of the ThriveCloud Mega Email Newsletter template

Boost engagement.

Email newsletters have a 70% higher response rate than traditional postcards. ThriveCloud includes a powerful, yet easy-to-use email marketing suite, so you can increase patient retention and production dramatically without working any harder or investing extra cash. 

Get important info out fast.

ThriveCloud Email Marketing is perfect for sharing urgent messages like office closures, as well as production-boosting promotions and practice updates that keep your patients in the loop and build stronger relationships.

Screenshot of the ThriveCloud email promotion template
screenshots of the email drag-and-drop builder and email templates

Create stunning emails in two minutes.

We’ve preloaded the email marketing tool with templates for promotions, newsletters, referral requests, and before/ after showcases, so you can just pop in your preferred images and copy for faster sends.

Want to make custom emails or edit the templates? Our drag-and-drop building tool makes it simple, even if you don’t have any marketing or design experience. 

Set it and forget it.

Reach patients at just the right time by creating and scheduling email campaigns in advance. You can even put certain emails like referral requests on repeat, so they automatically go out at your designated intervals while you focus on all the other things you do.

Screenshot of the "When to send" window
office manager looking at email reports in ThriveCloud

Track metrics to improve your results over time.

ThriveCloud automatically tracks key metrics like open and click rates, so you can gauge performance at a glance. Use the info to identify what your patients respond to and build on that to improve your results.

You can also use the A/B testing feature on individual campaigns to find out how alternate subject lines influence opens, if changing the color of buttons impacts clicks, and more.

Run targeted campaigns.

ThriveCloud email marketing draws on your patient database, so you can build segmented lists and run targeted campaigns that speak to the needs of your patients and get better engagement. Try sending back-to-school campaigns to families, info on maximizing benefits to insured patients, and more.

ThriveCloud patient email lists
Text and email marketing in ThriveCloud

Use a hybrid approach with text marketing.

ThriveCloud comes with text messaging too, so you can reach out to your targeted lists or entire patient database with practice updates and promos on the fly.

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