Patient education.

Boost case acceptance.

Dentists who utilize patient education videos report case acceptance rates jumping from 60% to 90% after implementation. ThriveCloud includes a full video library, so you can become a success story too.

hygienist using patient education videos
Patient education videos

Meet patients where they are.

Powered by Dear Doctor, ThriveCloud features 80+ patient education videos on virtually every topic in English and Spanish, so it’s easy to find educational material that speaks to the needs of every patient.

Access everywhere.

Launch videos from the Case Presenter or main menu on any device, anywhere. Professional educational content is always just a click away.

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dentist with virtual oral health center

Showcase your expertise.

As part of your ThriveCloud subscription, you’ll automatically receive access to your very own Oral Health Center that comes fully loaded with a wealth of educational materials that can be shared directly from your website.

Share patient education materials on demand.

Text patients a link to the content of your choice, so they can review it from the comfort of their home when it’s convenient for them and they’re more likely to absorb the information.


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