Real-time analytics and Huddle.

ThriveCloud Huddle on laptop with dentist, hygienist, and assistant

Keep a pulse on your practice.

ThriveCloud Huddle breaks down metrics essential to the health and success of your practice with straightforward charts and actionable steps that make improving production and profit simple. 

Incorporate real-time data into your morning huddle so everyone can work together to meet goals, monitor analytics from the office, or check in on the go from your smartphone thanks to the power of the cloud. User security settings keep you in control of who sees data, when they see it, and what they see.

Understand production at a glance.

ThriveCloud automatically calculates production goals based on your settings, adds up the value of procedures scheduled, and displays the information clearly, so it’s easy to gauge the health of your practice.

Quickly toggle between periods for instant insights into your production over time.

Smartphone displaying ThriveCloud Huddle with scheduled production graph

Jump from the data to next steps and improve metrics instantly.

Addressing areas like same-day hygiene re-appointment and unconfirmed appointments keeps your schedule fuller and boosts production. Use the jump buttons on key metrics to be automatically taken to actionable steps that will help you improve.

Effortlessly keep tabs on collections.

Collecting balances early and fully is essential to running a healthy practice. With Huddle, you see what you’ve collected from insurance and patients over any given period and how your collection rate compares to practice goals without any additional clicks, reports, or manual calculations.

ThriveCloud Huddle Collection Rate iPhone
unbilled procedures tracking in Huddle and list of unsent procedures

Zero in on billing opportunities.

Get a holistic view of the health of your collections in Huddle, then use jump buttons to address contributing factors such as unbilled insurance by quickly creating and sending claims. 

Monitor your online reputation in Huddle.

Nine in ten new patients will read your online reviews before scheduling an appointment. Huddle lets you track your ratings over time, view your overall rating, and more, so you can be confident you’re making a good first impression.

dentist reviews metrics in ThriveCloud Huddle
Dentist and office manager celebrating a positive patient review in ThriveCloud Huddle

Celebrate wins and improve your ratings.

Huddle pulls in your patient reviews from around the net, allowing you to share positive experiences with the team and boost morale on the fly. You also get metrics that demonstrate the effectiveness of your review request campaigns, so you can take action to increase the number of reviews you’re receiving and attract even more new patients.

Isolate the data that matters most to you.

ThriveCloud is always working in the background capturing data that can help your practice excel. While the most common metrics appear in Huddle and in the Practice Analyzer, you can also use custom reporting tools to grab slices of data for your own analysis.

custom dental reports

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