eBilling, Pay-By-Text, and credit card processing.

dentist coming out of computer with patient coming out of cell phone giving high-five and online payment symbol in background

Increase and accelerate collections with online payments.

When a patient prefers text or email billing and you use that method, 26-32% will pay within FIVE minutes! ThriveCloud’s eBilling and Pay-By-Text options make collecting balances that easy.

Send on-demand requests for payment digitally.

Whether you’re processing insurance payments and want to collect remaining balances from patients faster or prefer a contactless payment experience, you can send one-on-one statements and payment requests via text and email with just a few clicks.

ThriveCloud Account showing payment buttons including test and email statements and Pay-By-Text
office manager with Admin menu and bulk patient billing options

Send batch statements via text and email.

Say goodbye to stamps and hours lost mailing statements. With ThriveCloud’s Bulk Patient Billing, you can send batch statements digitally to all patients who meet your chosen criteria in less than a minute.

Give patients self-service payment options.

ThriveCloud’s Patient Portal lets your patients check balances, view itemized statements with treatment and payments from all sources, and make payments online from anywhere on any device, so they’re happier and your team is freed from administrative burden.

Patient Portal Statement and Pay Now
Screenshot of Patient Account Ledger showing automatic payment logging and office manager

Automatically record digital payments.

Whether processed through the Patient Portal or via Pay-By-Text, all patient payments are automatically recorded in the account ledger and funds dropped into the appropriate account to save you time and trips to the bank.

Simplify billing for your patients.

Guarantor responsible for multiple family members or have payments due to different providers and locations? Not a problem! They can be taken care of with a single payment and are kept together for easier management. Payments are automatically allocated the right place as they come in for more accurate bookkeeping too.

Patient Portal Family Balance
Dentist with money coming out of his pockets

Keep more money in your pockets.

When you’re on ThriveCloud, costs are kept low. You’ll pay no setup or registration fees for processing payments and there are no monthly minimums. Rates are competitive – just a small per-transaction amount.

Collect payments at the time of service.

ThriveCloud has built-in merchant card processing, so it’s easy to collect patient balances whenever it fits into your practice’s natural workflow. 

Patient making payment at time of service with merchant processing screenshots from ThriveCloud

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