Chart faster (without sacrificing the integrity of your records).

dentist charting an MOD composite in ThriveCloud

Document conditions with a single click.

With ThriveCloud, documenting conditions is as easy as selecting a tooth and clicking one button. The software identifies the correct ADA code based on the procedure and tooth, then logs it accordingly. 

Create treatment notes instantly.

Use customizable templates to automatically populate treatment notes. FastFill Prompts walk you through details that change, such as shades, symptoms, or materials, for faster, more consistent and accurate charting.


Tailor charting to your needs.

Customize your Favorites to include commonly-diagnosed treatment or groups of procedures you routinely diagnose together to improve efficiency. 

Check x-rays and images on the fly.

With integrated x-rays and imaging, ThriveCloud keeps everything you need for thorough diagnosis close at hand.

signed patient consent form on an iPad

Obtain Quick Consents.

Keep patients informed and comply with the law effortlessly with ThriveCloud’s Quick Consents. Forms can be customized to your office and are digitally signed by the patient, then automatically stored in the chart. 

Prescribe in your natural workflow.

A single click from the patient chart takes you to powerful, yet intuitive, e-prescribing module with a host of tools including medication favorites, expansive pharmacy lists with patient favorites, contraindications, and more. Data writes back to the patient chart to save you time.

dentist electronically prescribing from his phone with ThriveCloud

Streamline your perio charting.

Whether you’re on a tablet, the practice PC, or anything in between, ThriveCloud’s perio charting is a breeze. Mark conditions and measurements individually, by tooth, or copy over the full previous exam. Color-coded indicators make it easy to spot concerns.

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