Online reviews.

Patient checking online reviews with dentist waving hello

Attract new patients.

Nine-in-ten new patients read online reviews before booking an appointment. ThriveCloud automates the review request process and provides tools to help you manage your online reputation, so you make a good first impression with prospective patients.

Put your online reviews on autopilot.

Patients automatically receive a request to review your practice after each visit, allowing you to get more reviews without adding to staff burden.

For greater control, you can also set the system to prompt team members to send the message each time or send manually.

Patient with a cell phone receiving a text message that asks him to leave a review for his dentist
patient giving thumbs up with two iphone images - one showing text message review request, the other showing Yelp review submission page

Reduce barriers to increase reviews.

Patients are more likely to follow through when the process is streamlined. Unlike other services, ThriveCloud automatically populates review request messages with a direct link to the review posting page, so they can get started with a single click, and you get more reviews. 

Track review metrics in Huddle.

ThriveCloud Huddle keeps all your review data in one place, so it’s easy to assess the overall health of your online reputation, explore scores by source, and track your progress over time.

dentist reviews metrics in ThriveCloud Huddle
Dentist and office manager celebrating a positive patient review in ThriveCloud Huddle

Address concerns with a click.

With ThriveCloud, there’s no need to monitor multiple review sites — your latest reviews are displayed in Huddle too. 

A single click jumps you to the actual review, so you can follow up with concerns promptly and thank patients for their positive reviews to generate goodwill.

Turn up the volume where it matters most.

Strengthen your reputation on a single site by directing all patients there, or let ThriveCloud rotate the link patients receive to broaden your online footprint and spread the positive buzz across multiple sites.

ThriveCloud screenshot showing option to rotate review sites or select Facebook, Yelp, or Google
Review Request Controls

Protect your reputation.

With options to send review invites manually or after a prompt, it’s easy to ensure only happy patients receive requests.

A single click in a patient’s profile lets you shut off reviews just for that person too, so you can stop bad reviews before they start while keeping a fully automated workflow.

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