Auto and two-way texting.

Patient with cell phone and series of reminder and confirmation messages from ThriveCloud texting

Put reminders and confirmations on autopilot.

ThriveCloud automates appointment reminders and confirmations with a series of customizable text messages, eliminating phone tag while reducing no-shows and cancellations.

Appointment statuses are automatically updated on your schedule as patients reply.

Boost recare compliance.

ThriveCloud scans your database every week looking for patients who need recare appointments, then automatically sends a text message reminding them to book. 

Reach patients up to ten times per recare cycle without ever having to pick up the phone or mail a postcard.

patient receiving recare reminder text message

Communicate in real-time with two-way texting.

Around 95% of text messages get a response within three minutes. ThriveCloud keeps conversations moving by displaying an alert each time a text comes in. 

Fire off a response in seconds, coordinate visits, answer questions, send emojis, and more. All messages are automatically logged, so team members can work in tandem from any location to serve patients better and build relationships.

Market your practice effortlessly.

Set up groups based on your preferred criteria, such as age, coverage, and gender, then draft your text marketing campaign and reach the masses. Text marketing is ideal for practice specials, education, and more, so you can build relationships and boost production effortlessly.

Text Marketing
fill chairs list with iPad

Fill your chairs.

Reach targeted groups of patients who need an appointment to fill schedule holes in 30 seconds or less. ThriveCloud keeps tabs on patients who:

  • Have overdue recare
  • Need to schedule a visit
  • Have unmet treatment needs and remaining insurance benefits
  • Want sooner appointments
  • Request a visit via the Patient Portal

Si habla español.

Nearly 40 million Americans speak Spanish as a primary language at home. ThriveCloud includes both English and Spanish text templates and automatically sends messages in Spanish when it’s selected as the patient’s preferred language to eliminate communication barriers and empower your team to serve diverse populations better.

Text marketing template in Spanish and English
Screenshot of text template options displaying clinics dropdown and custom text

Tailor text messages to your practice.

ThriveCloud’s text messaging is template-driven for greater consistency and speed. Default messages can be set up globally to ensure all your clinics use the same wording or customized by clinic when you need more flexibility.

Customizable templates are also available for on-demand texts, allowing your team to send detailed messages without having to type.

Reach everyone on the schedule at once.

Coming off a three-day weekend and worried your schedule will crumble, or need to inform everyone about an emergency? In as few as three clicks, you can send out a text blast, additional reminder, or second confirmation message to everyone with visits that day. 

screenshot of text patietns dropdown menu on schedule with urgent text, additional reminder, and additional confirmation options

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