Be HIPAA-compliant and protect your data.

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Secure your data like Fortune 100 companies do.

ThriveCloud is built on a HIPAA-secure cloud environment trusted by Fortune 100 companies such as Intel, Verizon, and GE, so your sensitive and confidential information stays protected.

Tap into best-in-class security features.

With ThriveCloud,

  1. Access can be limited to specific locations, like office or home, by IP address.
  2. Access can be restricted to office hours only (with a buffer time before/after).
  3. Practices can can require two-factor authentication via email and text.
  4. Strong passwords are required.
  5. Detailed user permissions make it easy to limit access to just the data each person needs for his or her job.
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Send HIPAA-secure messages.

ThriveCloud’s HIPAA-compliant Patient Portal makes it easy to exchange messages, send patient forms, address billing, and more.


You’ll never lose patient data due to a server crash, theft, or misplacement. With ThriveCloud, it’s all stored and accessible in the cloud with replication.

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